Berlin, Germany


Cancer Models

InnoCancer Berlin (formerly Berlin Early Cancer Forum) brings together leading experts at the forefront of cancer biology, biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical research and data science to share the latest findings and new concepts in cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. Featuring exceptional international participation, extensive interaction opportunities, this forum will provide an intimate setting for top quality scientific interaction. We look forward to welcoming you to Berlin for this exciting meeting!

InnoCancer Berlin 2024 will be held as a special edition to network and discuss new trends and innovations in tumor models.

Vertical and Sector Focus

2024 InnoCancer Berlin - Special Edition on Cancer Models

Features Special Topic Track on 3D Bioprinting in Cancer Research  →


We invite you to join this gathering to discover a mix of action-based technical sessions, product demos and customer stories.

  • Advanced in vitro human cancer models.
  • Precision cancer modeling, 3D in vitro cancer models.
  • Most recent advances in patient-derived cancer models.
  • Cancer models on chip.
  • Cancer models for drug screening and therapeutic discoveries.
  • Biomedical applications of in vitro human cancer model.
  • AI-powered next-generation prediction models.
  • Development and commercialization of in vitro cancer models.